Real Estate

When buying or selling real estate it is important to have someone looking out for your interests.  A real estate attorney can prepare or review the purchase and sale agreements and ensure you're getting what you bargained for.  Additionally, a real estate attorney can perform a title search of the property to look for an potential problems that could arise down the road.  Further, if your purchasing raw land for development you should have someone review local zoning and regulations to confirm the lot meets your needs. Andrew Hill Legal offers a full range of  real estate services: pre-contract services, closing and title work, real estate holding entity formation, land permitting, to deed prep and conveyancing. Andrew is also a title agent for Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company and can issue title insurance policies to protect your real estate purchase. 

Andrew is offering the following Real Estate services:  

  • Pre Contract Services
    • Purchase & Sale Agreements ($160)
    • Zoning Review w/memo ($400)
  • Closings and Title Work
    • Closing w/ Title Search  ($600)
    • Closing Fee only ($350)
    • Title Search only ($350)
  • Real Estate LLC Formation
    • Includes: Certificate of Formation, Operating Agreement, EIN ($400 + $175 Filing Fee)
  • Seller Document Preparation or Review 
    • Deed and Transfer Tax Form 
    • Limited Power of Attorney
    • Residential/Commercial Lease Agreement
    • Residency Affidavit

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