Land Use

Often even the simplest of Real Estate projects can come with some form of regulation.  Having an attorney to review your project proposal early on can save you a great deal of headache down the road.  Andrew can identify potential regulatory hurdles that your project may face.  Once problems are identified, Andrew can advise you on ways to resolve them in the most efficient way feasible.  

Alternatively, if you missed a regulatory problem prior to beginning work and are now facing municipal enforcement for zoning violations, a land use attorney can work with the town on your behalf to try to get you the best resolution possible.  

Andrew is now offering the following Land Use services:

  • Project / Zoning Ordinance Review 
  • Representation of landowners facing zoning violations and enforcement actions
  • Representation of Project Opponents 
  • Preparation of written testimony for submission to Planning Boards 
  • Appeals from municipal decisions (80B Appeals)

Land Use matters are generally billed on an hourly basis.  However, there are situations when a flat fee can be used and client needs can be accommodated. 

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