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Far too often the inefficiency and high overhead of the traditional law firm model leads to higher prices for clients. Why should you pay your lawyer for leather chairs, paper file storage, law libraries and other items that have no impact on whether your goals are met?  With Andrew Hill Legal, the excess is cut out and you only pay for the services you actually need.  

Andrew Hill Legal opened in June 2016 with the goal of providing flexible, efficient, and client focused legal services to Maine.

Client Meetings

  • Meeting arrangements are flexible to meet any client's needs. Andrew will meet you at your home, office, favorite coffee shop, or in a conference room located in one of Maine's many Corworking spaces. Do you need to be at work during normal business hours? You can meet Andrew in the evening or weekend.

Rates and billing

  • The current hourly rate for attorney time is $180/hr.

  • Billing is flexible and we aim to work with clients at any income level.

  • Many projects can be handled on a flat fee basis. This way there are no surprises when you receive your bill.

  • Andrew Hill Legal accepts all major credit cards

Client Portal

  • My Client Portal provides clients with the ability to securely share documents and directly message me. It also allows clients to have the option of online paperless billing and payments.

  • Click here to access the client portal.

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